Aizhan Kadralieva

Labrys (Kyrgyzstan)

Coordinator of Advocacy and Education program in “Labrys”, came to “Labrys” 2014, at the same time when discriminatory draft-bill were introduced in Parliament of Kyrgyzstan. And leaded the advocacy work against the draft-bill. Aizhan have been actively participating on rising the visibility of Central Asian region within international advocacy work and also as a region with own specificity and history of LGBT movement and lead the process of joining Central Asia region to the ILGA Europe family. Also within the work of Labrys Aizhan is active in organizing advocacy session for LGBT community to encourage LGBT people to involve in activism, responsible to build the work with narrow specialist to make the life of LGBT people in Kyrgyzstan better. Moreover for 2017 Aizhan were one of the coordinator of the Coalition for Equality in Kyrgyzstan and lead the implementation of media campaign on discrimination in Kyrgyzstan.