Nigina Bakhrieva

Nota Bene (Tajikistan)

Ms Nigina Bakhrieva is the founder the Public Foundation “Nota Bene”, Dushanbe-based NGO, leader of the NGO Anti-Torture Coalition comprising of 12 leading human rights organizations and Human Rights activists in Tajikistan. In her various capacities, Ms Nigina Bakhrieva has worked towards the abolition of the death penalty in Tajikistan, on which a moratorium was adopted in 2004, and the prevention of torture. She has co-ordinated civil society international advocacy, including shadow reporting, on torture prevention and other human rights concerns before UN bodies and special procedures and other high level forums.

Ms. Bakhrieva prepared and managed the first comprehensive programme focused on support for Tajik and Central Asian human rights advocates, including capacity building, psychological security and protection. She delivers training for human rights defenders, lawyers, prosecutors and judges throughout Central Asia on the Human rights and prevention of torture and provides advice on the preparation of individual complaints to the UN Human Rights Committee.