Renzo Alexander García Parra
Comité Ambiental en Defensa de la Vida (Colombia)

I am a Biologist, Master (c) in Territory, Conflict and Culture; Vice President of the Association of Biologists of the University of Tolima; Co-founder of the Environmental Committee in Defense of Life, the Network of Environmental Committees of Tolima and the National Environmental Movement (socio-environmental movements in Colombia that promote territorial defense actions against the imposition of extractive projects). The current world demands greater commitment with present and future generations. It is indispensable that as social collectives we come out in defense of life in all its manifestations, we contribute to the construction of a planetary society with social and environmental justice, we contribute in the generation of a culture of zero tolerance with the violation of human rights and we We commit decisively to continue advancing in citizen exercises of social power construction that allow us to build a society where all human beings, without exception, have the right to live with dignity.