Nada Kiswanson

I am a Swedish lawyer specializing in international criminal and human rights law. I have represented the Palestinian human rights organization Al-Haq and its partners for the past 10 years at various institutions such as the UN, EU and currently at the International Criminal Court. I am driven by a relentless ambition to bring to an end violations committed against Palestinians. As a Palestinian, I have chosen to pursue innovative legal avenues with a view to ensure that Palestinians can live in freedom and enjoy their human rights. I currently provide evidence and legal analysis to the International Criminal Court for the purpose of moving the case of Palestine there forward and in order to ensure that the views and concerns of Palestinians are at the heart of the work of the Court.

Outstanding experiences: advocating on the report of the UN Fact-finding mission on the offensive against the Gaza Strip in 2009, and playing a part in ensuring that the report of that committee was adopted by the HRC and that it was transferred to the GA. Another outstanding experience has been to submit thousands of pages of information to the ICC Prosecutor, alleging that war crimes and crimes against humanity are committed in Palestine. I am privileged to engage directly with the ICC and embark on previously unchartered legal territory including be part of the application of crimes that have not been litigated before the court.

What keeps me going are the spectacularly strong Palestinian people, principled colleagues, and stubbornness.